Real estate market in Spain

In a nutshell

The construction industry in Spain contributes about 5.6% to the GDP, which can fluctuate in times of crisis or economic boom. With the economic recovery that Spain has experienced in the last two years, in 2016, 13% more homes were sold than in the previous period, with a total of 458,781 sales carried out. Given the job creation forecasts along with the economic growth and stability forecasts, the construction industry increased its work by 28.9%, with the approval of 64,038 new construction projects, specifically in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Málaga, and Vizcaya. Likewise, for 2017 there is an increase of 24% in residential construction with the approval of 80,000 new projects.

All of these figures suggest that 2018 will be the first year to exceed 500,000 homes sold since the housing bubble burst in 2008, with an estimated sales growth of 10%. In regards to land value, 2016 saw an increase of 5.3% in year-over-year growth and 2017 began its first half with an increase of 1.2% on the average appraised value of homes.






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